Kaira Insight
See and understand the state of financial wellness within the company

Kaira Insight is a business intelligence tool that helps understand and analyze employees’ needs.

It provides access to the information needed to guide employers to take sustainable actions and complementary solutions to support the financial well being of their human resources.

Data is aggregated and anonymized to guarantee employee’s privacy.

Data transformed into
a 360° viewpoint.

The global overview provided by the data lets employers monitor and take action on various aspects of their employee’s financial health.

Employee engagement
with the app

Information on:

  • The number of employees having downloaded the app
  • The percentage of active users
  • Active users over time
  • Average app usage over time

Actions can be put in place if needed to optimize the use of Kaira’s app benefits by employees.

Financial stress at work
and financial health

Tracking data on the level of financial stress in the workplace and on workers’ financial health represents an important indicator. It can validate the results of actions taken and point out actions needed where applicable.

Understanding financial data better

Kaira converts data into information that can be leveraged to better understand financial health.

Data-based decisions are always better informed and so have more impact.

The tool provides information on employees’ financial health in each of the 4 pillars of financial health.

This type of information allows for appropriate interventions to improve financial wellness.

  • Spending

  • Savings

  • Credit

  • Planning

A flexible solution

  • Kaira Insight adapts to organizational need, regardless of its size or profile.

  • Presentation of the results is flexible and can be customized as needed.

Private and secure

  • We do not share personal data with employers.
  • We do not sell personal data.
  • We use aggregated data and anonymization to ensure privacy.
  • We use bank-level security for data protection.

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