Kaira App

Financial Wellness for Engaged Employees

Our personalized digital coaching application goes much further than accounting when it comes to financial management. Our platform empowers users to take control of their finances thanks to secure, user-friendly technology leveraged by Artificial Intelligence.

Man smiling with the Kaira app opened on his phone.
Phone showing the financial score based on the user self-assessment.
Assess Relationship to Money and Financial Health 

We worked with a renowned university in Canada to develop an easy and interesting self-assessment. Completing it will help your employees discover what money means to them. It could be autonomy, success, generosity or pleasure.

A second self-assessment allows the individuals to discover how they perceive their financial health.

Phone showing the app, my finance tab with income, expenses and wiggle room.
Connect to Financial Data

Employees then proceed to connect their financial data from all their financial institutions. This provides consolidated personal finances. The app uses banking level security, and the data is anonymized to assure confidentiality and security.

Conversation with Kaira's AI financial coach.
Personalized Coaching

After the previous steps are completed, the app provides personalized financial coaching to employees with recommendations based on the person’s needs, while considering their financial and socioeconomic situation and their relationship to money.

Phone showing the Kaira app, my space tab with an overview of current financial goals
Progress Tracking 

The application tracks and categorizes all income and spending, as well as users’ assets and debts. It is possible to access their personal finances at any time and get an overview of their situation. Once done, the app confirms or adjusts the users’ financial health portrait.

Kaira will follow-up on their objectives and achievements to help them stay on track.


Offering empowerment to employees

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    In achieving financial wellbeing

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    To improve finances and ability to save

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    The impact of financial stress