Kaira App
Achieve financial wellness

The Kaira app goes far much further than accounting when it comes to financial management.

It offers digital coaching that empowers employees.

The app lets people take control of their personal finances, while taking into account financial aspects, behaviours and – this is exclusive to Kaira – the person’s relationship to money.

Kaira – The financial wellness solution


Exclusive! – Relationship to money

A self-assessment, developed in partnership with the University of Sherbrooke (Canada), helps discover what money means to the person: autonomy, success, generosity, pleasure. This information supports Kaira’s coaching.


Financial health

A second self-assessment, using the Financial Health Network tool, allows the individual to discover how they perceive their financial health.

When financial data is connected—privately and securely—the app analyzes it and either confirms or tweaks the financial health status.


Personalized coaching

After these steps are completed, the personalized coaching begins, with recommendations based on the person’s needs and taking into account their financial and socioeconomic situation, and their relationship to money.

A complete but simple view

Throughout the relationship between Kaira and the person, the recommended actions are monitored and adjusted according to the person’s goals.

  • My space

    An at-a-glance view of the financial situation and objectives

  • My coach

    A space for back-and-forth with the digital coach

  • My finances

    Access to detailed financial information in a single place.

Kaira empowers its users

These 3 pillars are required to achieve financial wellness

  • Create and maintain good financial health to meet daily obligations.

  • Increase necessary knowledge to make good decisions.

  • Achieve financial serenity to feel satisfied with the current and future financial situation.

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