The Kaira Solution

The future of employees’ health is an AI-powered financial wellness solution.

Offering Kaira, a personalized financial wellness application, as a benefit to your employees helps them achieve their goals and improve their well-being. Ultimately, this will help drive the success of your business.

Man smiling with the Kaira app opened on his phone.
The Kaira App : Activate your employees’ and business’ success 

Our personalized digital coaching application goes much further than accounting when it comes to financial management. Our platform empowers users to take control of their finances thanks to secure, user-friendly technology leveraged by Artificial Intelligence.

Kaira Insight : Follow-up on Your Investment 

Keep an eye on your employees engagement with the Kaira App and discover if they are benefiting from the personalized financial coaching powered by AI technology. All without sacrificing the privacy of their personal information. 


  • Eric Taillon CEO of ACT | actuaries

    ACT | actuaries is proud to partner with Kaira and to be able to offer this innovative solution to companies as a complement to the benefits package for employees’ well-being.

  • Geneviève Taillon, Compensation,benefits & pension National Director for GardaWorld

    The rising cost of living, coupled with uncertain interest rates and the hassle of work-life balance represent additional challenges for our employees both monetary and psychological. We hope to help reduce the financial stress of daily life for our employees and to help them plan for their retirement, wether it is imminent or far off.

  • Kimberlee Davis, Market Director at ATB Wealth

    ATB Wealth is excited to partner with Kaira and explore their solution to help employees focus on work instead of worrying about their finances. Kaira’s unique digital solution assesses the employee’s financial wellness and gives coaching advice to enhance their financial well-being.

Offering empowerment to employees

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    To improve finances and ability to save

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    The impact of financial stress