Kaira, the essential pillar for financial wellness

Our one-of-a-kind digital coaching app improves well-being at work and reduces the impact of financial stress on employees’ health and productivity.

The Kaira app is an innovative benefit employers can offer to stand out and to better attract and retain employees. The need is even greater during this period marked by employees quitting and labour shortages.

There is already a trend for employers to offer financial wellness services.

62% of businesses already plan to establish financial services.

What you can expect

  • Including the Kaira solution improves your offer and contributes to business development.

  • In the current environment, your clients are facing many challenges resulting from financial stress in their workforce. It is imperative to consider employee well-being a core aspect of the business culture.

  • The Kaira solution supports steps taken to build financial wellness on the job.

Suppliers’ challenge

Generating business opportunities

Kaira solution

Innovate and stand out from the competition by offering an outstanding support tool to:

  • Access a new revenue stream
  • Win bids from employers and clients
  • Motivate the sales force
Suppliers’ challenge

Increasing the profitability of the offer

Kaira solution

Reduce claims and reimbursement costs for mental health fees related to financial stress.

Suppliers’ challenge

Seeing and understanding the impact of financial stress on clients

Kaira solution

Have a business intelligence tool that provides an overview of the financial health of your clients’ employees.

What your clients can expect

Employer’s challenge

Managing the effects of financial stress on productivity

Kaira solution

Increase business productivity by:

  • Developing and maintaining team engagement through a calm work environment
  • Managing the impact of employees’ personal lives on work
  • Decreasing absenteeism and presenteeism
  • Reducing mental health problems
  • Decreasing group insurance claims
Employer’s challenge

Developing financial well-being

Kaira solution
  • Help employees attain financial independence.
  • Build the resilience of the workforce.
How does it work?

Easy as 1-2-3

The Kaira solution is an easy-to-access software as a service (SAAS), meaning that the app comes with complementary services, for instance, security.

This allows you to take advantage of its benefits without having to provide any maintenance.

Kaira is involved in deploying the solution in the client’s workplace to ensure its success.

  • An impactful action plan is drawn up jointly to optimize the client’s employees’ use of the solution.

  • Promotional materials are provided.

  • Employees download the app for free with a company code.

  • After a few weeks of use, the Kaira Insight tool will provide an overall picture of the client’s team’s financial health along with the levers needed to support the team on the road to financial wellness.

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