Invitation to test the Kaira app

A personal finance coach
Kaira Technologies’ mission is to develop a virtual coach that will allow personalized support to help a user live more serenely with their financial management, taking into account their psychological attitude towards money.

Take part in our development

Kaira Technologies is entering its research and development phase for this virtual coach. We are currently in the process of recruiting volunteers to validate the receptivity of the concepts that will be implemented as well as to ensure an optimal user experience that responds concretely to the needs of the users of our solution. In addition, you will help help Kaira technologies in its process of improving and developing its services.

During the test, you will discover your attitude towards money and your level of financial health.


At this point, the Kaira app is only available for iPhones and includes only a few preliminary functions.

If you want to participate in our development, here’s how:


On your iPhone or iPad

and follow the instructions to install TestFlight and Kaira.


Launch the Kaira application and view and accept the consent form.


For this version, your task is to complete the attitude test towards money, complete the financial health test and / or connect your accounts to obtain your financial health automatically.


Once this task is completed, complete the 4 questions feedback questionnaire, this is important to help progress.


Thereafter, you will be invited to test the successive versions that we will deploy until the official opening to the public. You can, of course, withdraw at any time from the test campaign, via the button provided for this purpose in TestFlight.

The Kaira team thanks you for your support and participation!