Stress-free employees, I love it

Financial stress can result in significant costs per employee each year. By helping your employees improve their financial wellness, you will reduce the negative impacts of financial stress in your workplace.

Why care about financial stress at work?

Financial stress doesn’t just affect the personal lives of your employees. It also influences their life at work and can have a negative impact on their morale and the financial results of your business.

Up to 69% of employees report worrying about their finances while at work.

Up yo 53% workers suffer from insomnia due to their financial situation.

Up to 38% suffer from mental or physical problems because of their finances.

According to the latest research


Almost 80% of businesses worldwide see the importance of financial well-being increasing over the next 3 years.


70% of employees believe that their employer should promote their well-being.


15% of these companies currently have a financial well-being strategy, but this proportion should exceed 60% in 3 years.



84% of employees would like to participate in financial education programs in the workplace.

What are the benefits?

Allows employers to stand out and retain their staff by offering an innovative advantage of virtual personal finance coach.

Help employees improve their financial well-being and achieve their projects and dreams, by taking control of their personal finances.

Improving financial well-being increases productivity, reduces absenteeism, and increases the index of happiness at work.

How does it work?

Easy for the employer, no installation required, employees download the application to their smartphones and connect their bank accounts securely and confidentially.

Step 1

Kaira determines everyone’s financial health and attitude toward money.

Step 2

Kaira offers a personalized action plan with practical advice and recommendations.

Step 3

The employer will be able to understand the portrait of his team on the 4 financial health frameworks (savings, debt, expenses, planning) giving him the necessary levers to support his team towards financial well-being.