After a few months in cooking, the very first incarnation of Kaira, the financial wellness coach that understands you, is finally available. Obviously, it is still embryonic, thus it is probably a good idea to explain what we are aiming to achieve in order to clarify the purpose of this early version and how your participation in testing it may help us.

Let’s begin with a reminder of our vision. Everyone of us, whatever her/his financial situation, sometimes – or often – has worries related to money matters. In addition, we are utterly convinced, and multiple scientific studies confirm the fact, that this stress is shaped mainly by our relationship with money, much more than by the actual status of our personal finances.

These are the reasons why Kaira’s ambition is to improve our financial wellness, and not only sanitize our bank accounts, by delivering, thanks to a watchful coach, practical and contextualized recommendations, carefully designed according to our situation, our financial behavior and our intimate affinity with money.

How will we materialize such a promise? Firstly, in order to be able to provide relevant advice, Kaira has to learn each one of its users, through her/his financial profile (especially her/his attitude), her/his personal profile (including her/his projects) and her/his psychological profile (regarding money issues).

Thanks to this perception of what deeply motivates her/him, Kaira’s coach will prepare a customized strategy, embodied through a steady series of concrete actions, quite like a fitness coach. Along the way of performing these “exercises”, whose execution it will (benevolently) monitor, it will constantly measure the progress achieved on her/his financial health (her/his ability to meet her/his obligations) and her/his financial well-being (the fact of feeling in control).

As of today, we are just at the start of a long journey. The application we invite you to try (on an iPhone) includes only a simplified psychological test, meant to get a feel of your relationship with money, as well as a financial health test, the whole thing comprising 18 questions. Once these questionnaires filled out, Kaira proposes a mini personal assessment and outlines the strategy we would suggest for you to feel better with your money.

Have a go at the experience and, at the end, tell us what you have thought of it (the poll embedded in the app takes less than 2 minutes but you may also send us your comments at

Quickly, we will of course enrich this draft. Soon, we will let you connect your bank accounts (securely, it goes without saying), in order to automate the analysis of your financial health. Next, we will start implementing our coach, letting it deliver its first operational recommendations. Further down the road, we will keep developing its skills at a sustained pace, always taking into account your reactions and comments.

Join our experiment campaign now and contribute to an exciting adventure, which, in the long term, will guide you toward an appeased relationship with your money!