Stress-free finances, I love that!

I am Kaira, your personal financial coach, who is interested in you, your dreams, your emotions, your behaviors and your attitude.

By getting to know you, I can help you live more serenely with your money.

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I have three ways to help you achieve

financial wellness

Maintain good financial health

I help you meet your daily obligations.

Achieve financial well-being

I help you feel in control and satisfied with your current and future financial situation.

Develop your knowledge

I help you learn the skills you need to make good decisions.

How it works

Confidential and secure

I use recognized technologies and partners to connect to your accounts securely and confidentially.

Financial Stress is also at the workplace !

Are you an employer? I can also help you better attract and retain your employees. Offer them an innovative fringe benefit in the form of a virtual personal finance coach!

By helping your employees improve their financial well-being, you will increase their productivity, decrease their absenteeism and increase their happiness index at work!

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Jedi Developer

Jedi Developer

We are an early stage startup and we are currently building our entire team. If you are a developer interested in building with us the first financial wellness coach that understands its user, let’s talk!

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The Kaira app is born

The Kaira app is born

After a few months in cooking, the very first incarnation of Kaira, the financial wellness coach that understands you, is finally available. Obviously, it is still embryonic, thus it is probably a good idea to explain what we are aiming to achieve in order to clarify...

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