Investing in financial well-being at work

pays off

You care about your employees?

Providing financial wellness services improves well-being at work, sets you apart and becomes a tool for attraction and retention.

Financial stress, a high-cost reality for businesses

Several studies show that financial stress is a major issue experienced by employees at work. It has an impact on productivity, absenteeism, presenteeism, mental health and human resources retention. Learn more.

Kaira is much more than an app

Kaira App

The Kaira digital coaching application helps employees reduce stress and be happier at work. This will have a positive impact on their engagement.

Kaira lnsight

Kaira lnsight, the business intelligence tool, helps employers identify the needs of employees to better accompany them towards financial wellness.

What you can expect


  • An offer that allows the employer to innovate in its HR practices
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Growth in company productivity

Group Insurers and
Group Retirement Savings Providers

  • An offer that makes it possible to stand out from the competition
  • Increased proactivity in meeting employers’ needs
  • A strengthening of the relationship with clients

HR Services providers

  • An improved personalized offer for its clients.
  • A lever to maximise the recruitment potential of its clientele.
  • A wider range of services offered.

Private and secure

• We do not share personal data with employers.
• We do not sell personal data.
• We use anonymization to ensure privacy.
• We use bank-level security for data protection.

We are achievers

With over 50 years’ experience in leading digital innovation and implementation for major financial, marketing and media institutions, we are supported by a team of passionate experts.

Kaira, the financial wellness solution…The missing link for well-being at work!